When Stickman discovers Pacopolis and its heroes, he is immediately familiar with the hero. Pac-Man was actually one of his friends from before he became a Stickian! Unfortunately, Betrayus has teamed up with Nigel to take down both Pac-Man and Stickman! Can Pac-Man, Stickman, and the U.S.F. foil Betrayus and Nigel's plans before its too late? Find out in this all new saga opener; Waka Waka Waka Adventure!


Stickman (1st Star)

Pac-Man (2nd Star)

Jewel (3rd Star)

Nigel (1st Antagonist)

Betrayus (2nd Antagonist)





Sir C.



The rest of the U.S.F.


  • This is the first appearance of Pacopolis in the series, however, this is actually the 3RD appearance of Pac-Man. Thats right, he appeared in some unaired, unscripted, and unproduced episodes of the original Stickman's Adventures series.
  • Apparently, Pinky has a crush on both Pac-Man AND Stickman. It is unknown if Stickman feels the same about for Pinky.
    • It is later revealed though, that she was only pretending just to make Pac feel jealous.

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