Its Pacntines day, and Stickman and Pac-man are in a rush to get stuff for their Pacntine. However, Nigel and Betrayus has other plans up their sleeve... Can Stickman, Pac-man and Jewel figure out and foil Betrayus's scheme? Find out in You may now kiss the Pinky!


Stickman (Main Star)

Jewel (2nd Star)

Pinky (3rd Star)

Pac-Man (4th Star)

The rest of the U.S.F.

Betrayus (Main Antagonist)

Nigel (2nd Antagonist)


This is the first time that Pinky helps Stickman and Pac-Man foil Betrayus and Nigel's scheme.

This isn't a wedding episode. However... There is one in mind.

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