Zoomers are vehicles summoned by weapons. They are introduced in the Stickman's Amazing Adventures's first official movie: The Love Race. Zoomers can be summoned in 3 types, depending on the terrain. Race Car, which is summoned on ground, Jet, which is summoned by Sky, and Submarine, which is summoned by water. After The Love Race, the Zoomers play a major key role in Stickman's Amazing Adventures. Each USF member has a Zoomer, but the main 3 (Stickman, Skye, and Jewel) have special Zoomers.

Stickman's Zoomers Edit

Ground: Streaking Black Edit

The Streaking Black is Stickman's Ground Zoomer. It is fast, and can even produce sound barrier breaking sounds. It is equipped with many weapons, and included with a turbo boost. The Streaking Black is both Gold and Black.

Sky: Screeching Wind Edit

The Screeching Wind is Stickman's Sky Zoomer. Like the Streaking Black, it is fast, but doesn't produce sound barrier breaking sounds. Like the Streaking Black, it is equipped with weapons, and has a Hover Mode too. Stickman uses this much in the 2nd portion of The Love Race. The Screeching Wind is both blue and gold.

Underwater: Creeping Murk Edit

The Creeping Murk is Stickman's Water Zoomer. It is equipped with a Stealth mode, weapons, and of course, unlimited air, making water planet investigations a breeze. The Creeping Murk is all tech-like.

Jewel's Zoomers Edit

Ground: Racing Claw Edit

The Racing Claw is Jewel's Ground Zoomer. It can survive any terrain, and has bright lights for dark-like investigations. The Racing Claw is equipped with weapons as well. It is also Teal and blue.

Sky: Flying Feather Edit

The Flying Feather is Jewel's Sky Zoomer. It allows for deep-space missions, has transwarp (Much like Star Trek's starships!), and of course, has weapons. The Flying Feather is also Teal and Blue.

Underwater: Swimming Bird Edit

The Swimming Bird is Jewel's Water Zoomer. Much like Stickman's Creeping Murk, it is equipped with a Stealth mode, weapons, and unlimited air. It is designed for deep water missions.

Skye's Zoomers Edit

(Note: Skye doesn't have a Sky Zoomer, due to her air transport being her Vehicle from the PAW Patrol.)

Ground: Barking Racer Edit

The Barking Racer is Skye's Ground Zoomer. It allows for high-speed chases, and is the same speed as Stickman's Streaking Black, meaning that Skye can drive the same speed as Stickman. As with the other Zoomers, it is equipped with Weapons. The Barking Racer is Pink all around.

Underwater: Rescue Dog Edit

The Rescue Dog is Skye's Water Zoomer. It can go deep underwater, making it easier for Skye to do underwater missions. As with all Zoomers, it is equipped with weapons. The Rescue Dog is pink, with both the PAW Patrol logo and the USF logo on top.

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